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The Gem Expert’s Guide

Important Metal Fabrication Questions Addressed

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There are many enterprises that will require the use of special tools and parts. While large corporations often have the internal resources to provide these items, the same can not be said for small businesses and startups. These enterprises will often have to use the services of a steel fabricator to have these items created. If this is the position your company is in, then there is a good chance that you may have a couple of questions that you need answered about the steel fabrication process.  How Is The Metal Cut? Some people may be...

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Is Your Concrete Sinking? Don’t Replace It, Slab Jack It!

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If you notice the concrete on your property cracking, sinking or pulling away from walls, you may be thinking of having it torn up and replaced. While it is true that the concrete failed to do its job, that doesn’t mean it is a complete waste and needs to be replaced. Contact a professional concrete worker and ask about jack slabbing. This technique can be done without the need to demolish and remove the existing concrete. It is very helpful when the problem is in the foundation of your home. What is Slab Jacking and How is it Done?...

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Helping To Prevent Demolition Scrap Metal Theft

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If you work for a demolition company, you may have noticed that some of the job sites you work at have less scrap metal available to recycle than when the project started. This may be because thieves have already taken some of the metal to try to cash in for a profit. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed by the lot owner, as well as the demolition company. Here are some tips that can be used to help keep scrap metal out of thieves’ hands and onto your equipment to be recycled properly. Assess The Job Site When the...

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3 Reasons To Use An Automatic Parking Barrier System For Your Factory Parking Lot

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When it comes to your manufacturing plant, you probably take safety and security very seriously. Keeping your factory — as well as your employees — safe should be a top priority, and one great place to start is with your parking lot. Luckily, a good parking barrier system can be used for this purpose. One of these systems can involve an “arm” that blocks entrance to your parking lot until each person who is coming onto your property enters a certain code into the accompanying system. If you haven’t yet thought...

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How To Avoid Cleaning Down Time In The Food Processing Industry

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Most every manufacturing and industrial process can run more efficiently with organization and clean working areas. However, when it comes to the food processing industry, sanitation is extremely important to maintain. Avoiding the growth of deadly food borne bacteria starts with the cleanest, most sanitized conditions in the food processing plant. Learn more about how to choose the sanitary conveyor belts that are easiest and fastest to clean. Down Time In Line Production Can Be Expensive No matter what kind of industry you run, down time on...

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Qualifying For Your Dream Job As A Commerical Truck Driver

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Do you dream of becoming a commercial truck driver? If so, you will need to be aware of the qualification requirements you must meet in order to land this dream job, and what you can do to fulfill these requirements. The information outlined below can help you in accomplishing this goal. Qualification Requirement #1: Commercial Drivers License A special driver’s license is required in order to operate a commercial truck. This type of license is referred to as a commercial drivers license or CDL. However, not all CDLs will qualify you to...

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Tips For Selecting The Approprite Filter For Your System

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If you need a filter for a compressed air system, such as a pressure sprayer, then you should not just pick up a generic filter without due consideration. Make sure that it fits your need and operating environment by evaluating the: Nature of Impurities You Wish to Filter One of the things to consider is the size and nature of the impurities you want to filter out. The common types include: Water separators – These are used to remove large quantities of water (or other liquids) and water-borne impurities. They are suitable for applications...

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Five Things You Will Want To Know About Machine Design For Your Business

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Machine design may be something that you need to have for your business for things like improving automation and other areas of your business. It is something that helps improve the automation of your business or improve manufacturing processes. With equipment with the right design and software integrations, your business can be more productive and efficient. Here are five things you will want to know about mechanical design for your business: 1. Analyzing Businesses For Areas That Can Be Improved The first step in improving the mechanical...

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Four Ways To Improve The Exterior Of Your Mobile Home

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One of the main problems with many mobile homes is the boxy look that the exterior has. By making simple upgrades and adding features, you can make the outside of your mobile home feature additional depth, designs, and decor. Consider four mobile home supplies to upgrade the outside of the home with ease. Mobile Home Skirting The bottom section of a mobile home is typically supported and finished with neutral vinyl siding. More depth and style can be added to your mobile home by upgrading the skirting designs. Upgraded textures include a fake...

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Three Ways To Keep Your Home’s Septic Tank Healthy

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If you have a home septic system, keeping it healthy for continual usage should be a priority. Having a healthy septic tank eliminates the possibility of costly and disgusting septic back-up into your home, and it will safely expel gray water into the drain field without causing environmental damages from effluent overflow. Though you can try using commercial additives to keep bacterial levels healthy, there are more reliable and cost-effective ways to keep things flowing in your septic system. So if you want a constant flow in your septic...

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